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Deep Knowledge Group Announces Launch of New Strategic Project: Quant Biomarkers Company in Basel, Switzerland 

The unified data-driven Biomarkers Platform specialises in the aggregation and synthesis of validated biomarker technologies for the development of sophisticated analytical products for Precision Medicine, Practical Human Longevity, InsurTech, and InvestTech

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10 December 2021, Basel, Switzerland: Deep Knowledge Group announces the launch of a new strategic subsidiary, Quant Biomarkers, a data-driven biomedical analytical company focused on Biotechnology, Precision Longevity Medicine, and novel InsurTech and financial instruments, launched today with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and branches in the United Kingdom and Germany.


Quant Biomarkers specialises in the quantitative assessment of Biomarkers of Human Longevity, the development of personalised biomarker panels of aging, and oncology, fields which target established Hallmarks of Aging. It also supports investment de-risking across various sectors, including R&D and clinical and health insurance. Quant Biomarkers is an AI and tech-powered platform that will further contribute to the creation of structured financial products and analytics linked to biological age. Its main goal is the synthesis and validation of a tangible, effective, and personalized assessment approach that supports interventions and Longevity Medicine therapeutic modalities.


The company will also serve as an incubator, IP accelerator, and investment vehicle for the Longevity Biomarkers sector, acquiring the most prospective start-ups, teams, and R&D facilities in the industry for the development of Longevity Preventive Medicine and Precision Health products as well as financial and analytical services.

Quant Biomarkers Roadmap 2022-2024

This company will be led by Deep Knowledge Group Managing Partner Dr. Sanja Tomovska, who will be using more than a decade of work as a department head for several large Swiss and international pharmaceutical corporations (Roche, Novartis, Abbott Life Sciences) to lead the development of key validated biomarker technologies for several Practical Human Longevity-focused endpoints. 


Dr. Tomovska has a vast amount of experience across pharmaceutical portfolio stages and business delivery: strategy, lifecycle, venture development, R&D, M&A, clinical, marketing, and change management. She holds a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Basel, Switzerland in Biomarkers in Cancer Diagnostics and has a business education from INSEAD and Columbia Business School.  One of her primary goals will be replicating for the Biomarkers of Human Longevity sector the same advances that consensus biomarkers of cancer had on the oncology industry, enabling accelerated growth in the sophistication, safety, and effectiveness of personalized and precision treatment modalities for patients.

One of the primary goals of the company for 2022-2023 is to introduce biomarker-driven Longevity risk mitigation and intervention support for a broad group of health care-related entities, in addition to financial de-risking and the development  of a specialized platform to aggregate, integrate, and synthesize the expertise, products, and services of other leading biomarker companies and R&D centers into one unified platform using cutting-edge, next-generation AI, deep learning, and data science-driven technologies.

These  Longevity Clinics, Preventive Medicine, and Precision Health developments will later fuel the parallel creation of data-driven InvestTech solutions for due diligence, novel financial products for the next generation of InsurTech (healthcare insurance focused on tangible Practical Human Longevity), and hedging optimization for insurance and reinsurance companies. They will also fuel the creation of risk optimization for governmental and private pension funds; Longevity-tied structured financial products and instruments; and the validation, acquisition, and synthesis of the most sophisticated market-ready technologies for Precision Medicine and Longevity Clinics.


The Quant Biomarkers focuses on development of biomarker-based products and services across multiple industries which are deeply rooted in the recognition of Biomarkers practical applications as the central driver of Longevity industry growth.

In recognizing this sphere as the key catalyst for reliable clinical forecasting, tangible technological benchmarking and due diligence, the focus of the QB team is on sophisticated and market-ready solutions, diagnostic products to support prediction and intervention as practical applications for real time monitoring of aging.

Today's unmet need is in integrated data and predictive analysis platforms for specific therapeutic areas in longevity. 
Quant Biomarkers is uniquely positioned to leverage the cross-domain, cross-border, cross-specialization approach of Deep Knowledge Group and its various investment arms and leverage  10+ analytical subsidiaries to push this grand synthesis of Longevity Biomarker technologies towards real-world implementation across several practical endpoints.’ said Dr. Sanja Tomovska, CEO of Quant Biomarkers, Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Group and a Strategic Development, P|X|M Precise X MED, and clinical translation professional with over 20 years’ experience in several international pharmaceutical corporations, including Novartis and Abbott.

Joining Dr. Tomovska’s team in establishing Quant Biomarkers is Mr. Dominic Atkins, who will be responsible for leading the company’s Business Development. Also based in Basel, Mr. Atkins has worked within the pharmaceutical and healthcare environment for over 20 years, both in the UK and in Switzerland. Starting his career with Novartis in the sales and marketing area, Mr. Atkins has worked across many areas of stakeholder communication with both big pharma and smaller BioTech companies – more recently, he has worked extensively within rare disease indications. ‘I feel very excited to be a part of establishing Quant Biomarkers’, said Mr. Atkins. ‘This is an area of increasing need for our society, and the company has the opportunity to be a real part of helping address both the issues and opportunities associated with our aging population. To join Dr. Tomovska in Quant Biomarkers represents a great personal opportunity for me to be part of building a new enterprise that can make a difference.’

Quant Biomarkers Plans for 2022-2024

The Biomedicine Industry is now entering a stage where increasingly sophisticated therapeutic modalities are being developed and validated, which presents excellent opportunities to deliver more effective treatments and solutions to patients. However, this rise of therapeutic complexity must be balanced with equally sophisticated tools and approaches for precise and personalised measurement of treatment effectiveness, efficiency and safety. One of the primary goals of Quant Biomarkers' HealthTech, Practical Longevity, and Precision Medicine activities is to leverage AI-driven biomarkers’ assessment and analytics, integrated with modern business and financial solutions, to help close this complexity gap and accelerate the delivery of more modern, sophisticated Longevity medicines and diagnostics to patients.

The choice of Basel, Switzerland for the company’s headquarters has strategic implications beyond Basel’s reputation as the biopharmaceutical capital of Europe, including a potential for creating a leading open innovation platform in Europe and a long-term growing tech ecosystem. The company will also leverage Deep Knowledge Group’s Swiss-based financial branch, Deep Knowledge Ventures Swiss Sarl, located in Geneva and led by Deep Knowledge Group Managing Partner Stefan Hascoet, thus forming a unique intersection of resources and expertise in the domains of biopharma, investment and finance to propel Quant Biomarkers’ initial scope of activities into actualization.


Deep Knowledge Ventures Swiss Sarl and Quant Biomarkers will also lead the development of the Longevity International Association and Swiss Longevity Valley as major non-profit forums for the sustainable development of Longevity and Aging Research to identify ways of raising the profile of the sector in Europe and to incentivise major stakeholders across business, science, governments, clinical centres, insurance organisations, and investors.

‘The formation of Quant Biomarkers represents the logical extension and maturation of a number of Deep Knowledge Group projects conducted over the past several years focused on Biomarkers of Human Longevity, beginning with its 2014 seed investment in the AI for biomarker discovery, drug development and Longevity company Insilico Medicine (which has gone on to raise over $300 million in follow-on financing), and continuing with a long line of biomarkers-focused analytical and benchmarking projects, reports and IT-Platforms. We have seen this domain for some time as the strategic core engine for the Group’s own Longevity activities, as well as the major catalyst for the further development and stabilization of the Global Longevity Industry as a whole.' Stefan Hascoet, Head of Deep Knowledge Ventures Swiss Sarl and a Geneva-based Capital Markets Professional.

IP Accelerator

The specific assets and IP held by Quant Biomarkers at its formation represent a synthesis of a number of biomarker-focused Deep Knowledge Group projects, products, and initiatives developed over the past 5 years.


These include the open-access Global Longevity Biomarkers IT-Platform and associated analytical IT-Platforms and reports (Longevity Biomarkers Landscape Overview Q4 2021, Biomarkers and Financial Industry Special Case Study, etc.), launched over several iterations from 2019-2021 by its Longevity-focused analytical subsidiary, Aging Analytics Agency (the first entity to provide a robust benchmarking of biomarker panels according to ratios of accuracy and actionability, scalability, and market-readiness). 

The major outcomes, analytics, and insights of these projects are being transferred under the ownership of Quant Biomarkers, and several Deep Knowledge Group life-science-focused analytical subsidiaries (including Aging Analytics Agency, NeuroTech Analytics, and Deep Pharma Intelligence) will also be supporting the company’s activities by providing ongoing analytical consulting services.

Life Sciences Analytical Subsidiaries of Deep Knowledge Group

Meanwhile, the latest book by Deep Knowledge Group General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy, Biomarkers of Human Longevity: Data Science for Accelerating Aging Research and R&D and the Critical Catalyst for Practical Human Longevity,Tangible Investment Decision Making and De-Risking, details why the Group has prioritized its biomarker-related activities so intensively in recent years. All the specific ways in which the Group considers this domain to be the central catalyst for the next stage of Global Longevity Industrialisation are also presented. The book also describes the only validated market-ready framework for enabling stable industry growth, sophisticated investment de-risking, public market consistency and presents a more reliable path to IPOs, more predictable forecasting of clinical trial outcomes, reliable validation of Longevity technologies and therapies, and safer frameworks for formulating, adjusting, and validating personal Practical Longevity regimens. 

‘‘Quant Biomarkers represents a strategic infrastructure project and a significant milestone in the longer-term agenda of Deep Knowledge Group, and we remain confident that the company and platform will become the global epicenter of next-generation biomarker-based financial products, technological due diligence, and Practical Longevity technologies for precision medicine and Longevity clinics, representing both a new stage in the evolution of Switzerland’s Life Science and Biomedicine Ecosystem, and an important step towards the eventual establishment of Switzerland as the world’s first Longevity Valley.' Dmitry Kaminskiy, Deep Knowledge Group Founder and General Partner.


About Quant Biomarkers

Quant Biomarkers is a data-driven financial and biotechnology company specializing in quantitative assessment of human biomarkers; the development of biomarker panels and biological age metrics; their application for investment de-risking, insurance, and hedging objectives; and the development of structured financial products and analytics linked to human biomarkers and biological age. The main goal of the company is to introduce biomarker-driven Longevity Risk mitigation for a broad group of healthcare entities and financial institutions. The company was founded in November 2021, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and branches in the United Kingdom and Germany.

About Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Knowledge Group is a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, FinTech, GovTech, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, media, philanthropy, and more.