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Specialises in the quantitative assessment of Biomarkers of Human Longevity, the development of personalised biomarker panels of aging, and oncology, fields which target established Hallmarks of Aging. It also supports investment de-risking across various sectors, including R&D and clinical and health insurance. Quant Biomarkers is an AI and tech-powered platform that will further contribute to the creation of structured financial products and analytics linked to biological age. Its main goal is the synthesis and validation of a tangible, effective, and personalized assessment approach that supports interventions and Longevity Medicine therapeutic modalities.

The company will also serve as an incubator, IP accelerator, and investment vehicle for the Longevity Biomarkers sector, acquiring the most prospective start-ups, teams, and R&D facilities in the industry for the development of Longevity Preventive Medicine and Precision Health products as well as financial and analytical services.


Quant Biomarkers Office Location

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Quant Biomarkers Plans for 2022

Establish Longevity Biomarkers R&D Facility

Internal team development, establishing of advanced Longevity Biomarkers R&D facility, including cooperation with clinics regarding biosample databases acquisitions.

Integration with Advanced InsurTech IT-Platform

Develop system for Longevity precise personalised diagnostics based on Longevity biomarkers assessment and integrate it with Advanced InsurTech IT-Platform.

Become a Global Market Leader

Becoming undoubtedly a global market leader in structuring financial products tied to Longevity Biomarkers.


Quant Biomarkers Services

Market Assessment

Market Dynamics Analysis

Market Forecasting and Valuation

Business Intelligence Analysis

Due Diligence

Financial Services

Longevity-tied Financial Instruments Creation

Longevity and Mortality Indices Development

Hedging Optimization for Insurance and Reinsurance Companies

Risk Optimization for Governmental and Private Pension Funds


Longevity Biomarker
Big Data Analytics Dashboard

One of the technical solutions developed by the company is Longevity Biomarker-based Big Data Analytics Dashboard. Our value-proposition will be delivered through the Biomarkers-based AI-fueled models applicable for computational risks assessment, general risk management, and de-risking practices. 

Longevity Risk Modelling

As a specific example of the services provided via the Dashboard is Longevity Risk Modelling. This service enables clients to manage Longevity Risk more flexibly compared to currently available products such as life annuities. Our AI-driven big data analytical tools support the release of Longevity derivatives, which reduces the Longevity Risk substantially for life annuities.

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Automatized Data-driven Due Diligence

Using sophisticated quantitative analytical frameworks, we identify and provide recommendations on the most promising startups and companies. Enhanced due diligence includes deep ratios' analysis of scientific and technological strength, assessment of management team, analysis of marketing, IP and other pertinent metrics.

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